Critical Care Products Skanray

Skanray is a leading international healthcare technology company specializing in High Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care, Dental Care, Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine devices.

The company's vision is to aid Primary Healthcare with products of International quality and performance at an affordable level to the rural population of the world. Skanray does that by combining the latest in technology with simplicity of design, innovation and high performance for efficient patient care. Skanray's products are designed to comply with international quality & safety standards such as UL, CE, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and AERB.

Patient Monitoring Systems

Skanray’s Patient Monitoring portfolio reflects its 25 + years of experience of Designing and Manufacturing global-standard patient monitors. Skanray has a wide range of patient monitoring systems to cater to the different needs of the healthcare professionals. The portfolio comprises of high-end modular and upgradeable OT monitors to 2 channel pulse oximeters. Our constant and close interaction with the medical community has helped us to understand their requirements better and translate their needs into high-performance, safe and user-friendly devices. Our installed base which exceeds 50,000 monitors stands as a testimony of our technical and support capabilities.

The Patient Monitoring Systems are designed and manufactured to suit the clinician’s specific requirement for varying price points and clinical applications. The models start from a basic Pulse Oxymeter (Comet Plus) and extends up to highly advanced Modular Monitor (Star 90). Most of the models comply to global standards and are certified for marketing in the competitive European & US markets.

In today’s scenario, cost plays a very important factor in the complex healthcare delivery system. Our patient monitoring systems not only rank high in performance but also provide compelling cost-effective monitoring solutions to your clinical needs.

ICU Ventilators

Skanray's critical care ventilator is designed to offer the clinicians with the flexibility to control the patient’s ventilatory status coupled with intelligent algorithms that reduces the incidence of Ventilator Induced Lung Injury (VILI). 16 vital parameters are presented to clinicians in clear manner for them to assess and manage their patient’s clinical condition.

The inclusion of the Non Invasive ventilation or the Internal Nebulisation as a standard supply provides the doctor with additional tools before moving to the complex Invasive ventilation. Advanced holds in Inspiratory & Expiratory Cycles enables the clinicians to assess the patient condition better for faster decision making and better patient care.

The package is complete with "Pranaa" compressor. The advanced Peltier based technology ensures Bone dry air. Being a one point solution for the ventilator and the compressor, it provides an added convenience to the user to deal with a single supplier to ensure a smooth and continuous uptime of the ventilator.

Syringe & Infusion Pump

Skanray offers 3 variants of syringe and infusion pumps to cater to the needs of the critical care professionals. The user-friendly design and a host of safety features are the unique characteristics that distinguishes Skanray’s products from others.

Compact and Sturdy
One of the key issues across all hospitals has been the robustness of pumps. Skanray through its 10,000 and more installations has proved that simple innovative designs can satisfactorily meet the clinician needs.

The Skanray portfolio consists of one model of volumetric pump - SkanTruFlow & two models of syringe infusion pumps – FloSkan 3000 and FloSkan 2000. Simple design and intuitive user interface is the hallmark of these pumps acknowledging the needs of extremely busy environment within an ICU.

The other key features such as preventive maintenance alarm, front loading syringes, inbuilt drug library and many other features make these pumps extremely useful in critical conditions and for providing good patient care.

Central Nursing Station

The Central monitoring systems – Skyline 55, Skyview mini and Skyview are advanced solutions for the clinician to constantly monitor his patients remotely at all times. Advancements like Server based Remote Monitoring (Skyview Mini and Skyview) ensure that a doctor can remain in touch with his patients real time during emergency situations. The advanced server system of Skyview links the Monitor data across the Hospital LAN and the Web (through Broadband ) transmitting the data real time for the doctor to access anytime and from anywhere.