E2000 ESWL™ Electrohydraulic Lithotripter

The Medispec E2000 ESWL system offers the perfect combination of high clinical performance along with flexible configuration, simplicity of operation and cost effectiveness. The E2000 is highly reliable and affordable, offers high performance with low operation and maintenance costs. It is the best solution for small to medium size clinics and hospitals, or when budget is an issue.

The E2000 system combines one of the highest pressures with one of the largest focal zones in the industry, providing a highly effective lithotripsy system. The large focal zone covers a larger surface area than other systems, so it is more likely to hit the stone, providing the user with the capability of using milder forms of anesthesia. The high pressure produces powerful shocks that quickly disintegrate the stone, increasing speed and efficiency oftreatment. The E2000 system shows superior performance in clinical tests. It consistently provides a high stone-free rate and lower re-treatment rate.


Optional Components

  • Visionspec™ –
    High-quality computerized Fluoroscopic X-ray system, specially designed for endo-urology and lithotripsy applications
  • Mediconsole™ –
    Advanced treatment console enabling automatic stone localization and remote control of system components
  • Endo-Urology Solutions –
    The E2000 system was specially designed to provide the user with complete endo-urology abilities, enabling the user to provide even more services using the same system (unique treatment table, full accessories range)
  • 4 or 5-axis Treatment Table –
    The standard light-weighted 3-axis table can be upgraded to a 4 and/ or 5-axis (with Tredelenburg or Roll-Tilt movements), providing more flexible positioning



The E2000 system is a compact, modular unit that can fit into almost any medical environment, including small to medium size clinics & hospitals, outpatient centers, and mobile environments. It is light-weighted and has been constructed to endure the rigors of frequent setup and dismantling. The components of the system can be stored in a small area and quickly assembled as needed. The system does not require any special wiring or plumbing and can be plugged into any standard outlet.



  • Outstanding FDA clinical results
  • FDA (PMA) & CE approved
  • Best combination of a large focal zone with a high pressure
  • Cost effective, reliable, low maintenance
  • Ideal for mobile services and small environments
  • Compact & modular