NFR Polaris-G90

NFR Polaris-G90 Product Overview

Dedicated micro-CT scanner for in-vivo small animal imaging

  • NFR Polaris-G90 sets the standard for in-vivo preclinical micro computed tomography.
  • NFR Polaris-G90 range balances between short scan times with good low-contrast and high spatial resolution.

Precision Gantry Rotation System

  • To allows for continuous rotation a slip-ring connects the stationary part of the gantry with the x-ray tube and the detectors.

Variable Magnification System

  • Magnification 1.4x ~ 10x, Sample size 100mm ~ 10mm, scan length max. 200mm

GPU based high speed cone-beam reconstruction

  • Less than 47sec @ 512³ voxels from 360 projections of 1944×1536 pixels (at the high-resolution mode & off-line mode)

High image quality, Low-dose, High speed system Physiological monitoring for in-vivo small animal

  • Gas anesthesia & Respiratory system