Compact VERT

Compact VERT Benefits

  • Software developed from the well-established VERT software, which is installed at over 150 sites in over 30 countries worldwide.
  • A self-contained VERT system, which arrives fully set up and ready to use.
  • Fits into any room that has a screen or wall to project onto.
  • Comes ready to use and does not require any room preparation, saving you money and shortening the time from order to use.
  • Compact VERT is available in three functionality levels, tailored to meet different budgets with a clear upgrade path to add functionality.


Compact VERT  –  A mobile, self-contained version of our 3D flight simulator for Linacs. 

  • Suitable for audiences of 10-15 people. 3D glasses for 10 participants are included with the option to purchase more.

Compact VERT is available as a full system or as an upgrade for existing customers.

Compact VERT (Level 1), Compact VERT Plus (Level 2), and Compact VERT Ultimate (Level 3) will provide you with the tools you need to train students, inform patients and develop your staff. Our team of highly trained professionals will help you to decide which level is right for you based on your needs, training, educational programs and budget.