Oncology Products OSL

OSL team comprises of clinically and scientifically qualified radiation therapists,  medical physicists, and imaging scientists, giving them expertise to manufacture and distribute state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment from thermoplastic and positioning accessories, to advanced 4D simulation and Monte Carlo planning software, advanced targeted image fusion technology for prostate biopsy, brachytherapy and external beam treatment delivery, and medical physics devices for dosimetry and QA of external beam and proton therapy.

OSL products are cutting edge and innovative, and support is delivered by experts, ultimately enabling clinicians to deliver the highest quality therapies for the treatment of cancer.

Creating test data from real clinical cases, here OSL applies a known deformation to shrink the rectum.

Our Virtual phantoms offer unlimited flexibility versus traditional phantoms allowing the user to turn our 3D CAD objects into DICOM CT/MR or PET images for testing without the need to employ a real CT/MR or PET system


OSL provides an extensive range of medical equipment and consumables for our professional colleagues and customers to deliver precise and accurate radiotherapy. From localisation and immobilisaton to planning and radiation treatment delivery, we provide many options including our new BEBIG HDR brachytherapy and superficial-orthovoltage x-ray therapy systems. If it’s a specific technique you are interested in e.g. SRS or SBRT, IGRT, MRI-linac or proton radiotherapy, we also have a wide range of solutions that fit into the overall treatment process.

QA & Dosimetry

OSL's extensive range of test and measurement equipment for medical physicists cover a range of test and physics management software, patient and machine QA, through to major beam commissioning equipment, absolute dosimetry, plus a wide range of phantoms both physical and virtual. For proton radiotherapy, we also have a wide range of solutions for QA and commissioning from IBA.

Shielding Solutions

Not all modular shielding solutions are the same. Different from other shielding providers, NELCO’s pre-cast modular systems, Megashield and the new Gigashield, are not shipped many thousands of miles, but are manufactured in the UK and Ireland using a number of authorised pre-casters along with the NELCO team. OSL and NELCO Worldwide, the leader in radiation shielding solutions, partner to provide the latest in health and safety to the radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging markets in the UK and Ireland.