Oncology Products IMT/SRS

IMT manufactures precision devices for the radiation oncology field of medicine. IMT works closely with medical physicists, therapists, oncologists, and other device manufacturers to develop and produce:

  • End-To-End QA Phantoms for Radiation Therapy
  • Comprehensive SRS/SBRT QA Devices
  • Fast and Comprehensive TG-142 QA solutions
  • Daily QA Phantoms for OBI, CT/SIM, and 6DOF
  • MR Image Distortion Analysis Phantoms
  • Winston-Lutz QA solutions
  • Auto Analysis Software
  • Quality Management Solutions, Training & Implementation
  • Custom Devices for Unique Challenges

IMT custom products have included solutions for SBRT immobilization, Light & Radiation Field Coincidence, film apertures, and unique SRS and SBRT QA needs.

IMT has manufactured dozens of custom products for treatment clinics who believed there must be a better way to solve the challenges at hand.