Electrocardiography software CVS-03 CVS-03

ECG Data Viewer CVS-03 is comprehensive ECG data management software to support integration, management and streamlining the workflow of ECG information assisting healthcare professionals to ensure informed clinical decisions and enhance productivity.

12 lead resting ECG
Displaying 12 lead ECG along with a rhythm lead for 10 seconds

Analysis result
Analysis result can be confirmed by reviewing representative complexes and rhythms.
Interpretation and comments can be edited by a physician. And free text statement can be inserted in the “Notes” column.

ECG comparison
Historical ECG of the same patient can be compared on screen in display format of 6 leads for 5 seconds or 3 leads for 10 seconds.

Serial comparison
Up to 4 dominant ECG complexes of the same patient can be compared in different colors.

Long term resting rhythm
Stores for up to 5 minutes of resting rhythm ECG including full disclosure, arrhythmia event classification and autonomic nervous system test (A.N.S.T.). Arrhythmia events can be quickly reviewed using the scroll bar on the screen.

Holter ECG report
Holter ECG report in PDF generated from Kenz Cardy Analyzer 05 can be imported to CVS-03 to display on the screen and for data management.