Cardiac Holter monitor software Cardy Analyzer03 Type-S

Super highway scanning and analysis in 60 seconds

Fully automatic process allows simultaneous printing of full disclosure while downloading 24-hour* data from Cardy 301 and archiving on medium selected in about 5 minutes (Downloading data from Kenz Holter Card using Card Reader takes less than 60 seconds)
*Analyzer05 is required to analize 48-hour data from Cardy 301L

Batch analysis for a maximum of 100 patient data can be performed including auto-printing of Full Disclosure

Simple mouse-action editing for the final report

Various report formats

Blood Pressure Trends
Blood pressure trend from ambulatory BPM is shown as synchronized data with heart rate, ST level and ST slope

ECG Strips
ECG can be selected according to specific episode for print-out in the report

Arrhythmia Histogram
Arrhythmia ECG strips are automatically selected and can be sorted by order of time and seriousness for the printing of the report

ST Trend
this feature allows editor to check ECG strip randomly from the trend graph of ST level, movement intensity level and heart rate change on the trend graph

R-R Histogram
Easy searching features allow quick views of the shortest and longest R-R interval

Af detection and Analysis
This standard featured algorithm accurately differentiates Atrial fibrillation from SPVC on highlighted histogram and ECG strips

Pacemaker Analysis and Evaluation
By re-setting the threshold of each parameter, full time data detected by Cardy 301 can be used for the analysis and evaluation of pacemaker pulse and pacing