Calorie counter pedometer Lifecorder EX

The Lifecorder EX comes with a memory capability that records data over 200 days and has a battery that could last for six months. It is specially designed for use in lifestyle management programs.

Using the PAAS software, it will record activity measurement data that will be compared to previous measurements and will get the user's baseline activity. Because of this, the instructor will be aware to adjust the user's activity and re-establish goals to be achieved.

While it is recommended, according to studies, to walk 10,000 steps a day, the Lifecorder tracks your progress towards that goal. In the Set Up mode, daily targets for activity minutes, energy expenditure, and step counts are tracked. Other Lifecorder models also display your progress towards your target daily, your remaining balance, and a message that acknowledges your achievements. It will also display your Basal Metabolic Rate or the calories burned while resting and Calorie Expenditure or those burned by physical activities.