3-channel Holter monitor OEM

Kenz OEM products available with Holter Recorder

Holter Recorder Lead: 1/2/3/12-channel compatible

Record time: Alkaline→1ch:~7days, 2/3ch:~5days Lithium→1ch:~10days, 2/3ch:~7days

Dimension: W61.5 x D46.3 x H21.6 mmWeight: 45g (without batteries and patient cable)

Power: 1 x AAA battery

Water Proof: IPX5 / IPX8

Data storage: micro SD Card

Sample rate: 125, 1,000 samples/sec

A/D Converter: 10 bits (125 samples/sec), 12 bits (1,000 samples/sec)

Frequency Responce: 0.05 – 60Hz (125 samples/sec) /0.05 - 300Hz (1,000 samples/sec)

Input Impedance: ≧10 MΩ

Monochrome LCD display: able to display 3-channel ECG. Use page down/up to check other leads.

Pacemaker: Comply with IEC 60601-2-47 2ch detection, Samples for pacemaker pulses at 16,000 samples/second

Patient Movement/Position: Uses triaxial accelerometers to record Patient movement and position/orientation