3-channel Holter monitor Cardy 302 MAX

Introducing the Cardy 302 MAX Waterproof Holter ECG Recorder, from Kenz. One of the smallest and lightest models available on the global market in the comfort smaller than the size of card that is designed to be worn inside clothing. (W58 x D67 x H20, 67g)

2/3 channels of digital recording for 48 hours with pulses of the pacemaker detection channel 1/2 levels

Memory SD card for immediate data acquisition in 14 seconds

3D motion sensor body for the diagnosis of angina pectoris with HR, ST trend and arrhythmia analysis

Wireless control in real time the quality of the signal and drive off using Cardy controller 02

Input patient information and postural ECG Models using Cardy controller 02

Pacemaker pulse detection channel 1