ECG Backpads

ECG Backpads Product Overview

CONMED's ECG Backpad provides a unique one-piece disposable monitoring system that minimizes patient set-up time, prevents leadwires from tangling, and reduces the risk of cross contamination or hospital acquired infections (HAI). The ECG Backpad is designed for placement on the patients back for maximum exposure to the chest area. The ECG Backpad is comprised of four primary components:

  • A dense, low profile foam substrate that conforms to the patient’s skin while reducing fluid absorption. The foam substrate is coated with an acrylic adhesive that keeps the ECG Backpad in place, even when it is exposed to O.R. prep solutions.
  • Embedded within the foam, are four radiolucent electrode sensors (representing the four limb leads) coated with silver/silver chloride for maximum signal performance. The sensors are covered with a conductive adhesive hydrogel to ensure quick signal retention.
  • Pre-attached to the electrode array (to ease the application), is a low profile, 28” bonded leadwire system.
  • The leadwire system terminates to a durable, one-piece molex style connector (that is compatible only with CONMED ECG Backpad Cables).