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Our core business is to supply hospitals with state of the art
medical devices and equipment 

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Although formed in 2009, our Sales and Service team has an average of 23 years of experience in the medical industry. We have a Paid Up and Authorized Capital of Rm1,000,000 and we are registered with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. We also hold a CLASS H Lisence with the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

Of the three major pressures on health services worldwide-changing demography , growing expectations, and new healthcare interventions (technologies) – the last is generating the most concern and the most dramatic responses.

Medical devices play a crucial role in the healthcare system in each stage from prevention to rehabilitation. New healthcare technologies are becoming more numerous, more expensive, and possibility more effective than ever before. About 50 new drugs are launched each year, and the number of new devices, procedures, and ways of providing care is growing all the time.

By visiting medical device exhibitions, we source and bring to you the latest medical technologies so that Malaysian too, can benefit from healthier, more productive lifestyle.

Besides sourcing for new medical technologies, we also build and commission bunkers (that house the LINAC) and perform Testing and Commissioning of cancer treatment system.

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Mankind have come to rely heavily on electronics devices for communication, transportation, business, etc. However, studies show that electronics equipment/devices emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) that can be hazardous to humans with prolonged exposure.

In view of this, we saw the need for Anti-Radiation products for personal protection and the protection of our family until experts have the answer.



The company currently supplies the market with state of art medical equipment to hospitals and clinics in Malaysia.


The company pursued to work on understanding the issue of Electrosmog pollution and its effect on public health.


V Medical Services M Sdn Bhd is supported by a team of experienced staff specialising in medical sales and services.

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Our Effort

To provide better value added products for the public


Healthcare is a priority of the Malaysian Government with the Federal Government allocating substantial funding for the development of healthcare. The company currently supplies the market with state of art medical equipment to hospitals and clinics in Malaysia. V Medical Services M Sdn Bhd. also provides servicing of medical equipment and after sales support to our customers.